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Estudio Jurídico García Navarro

> Antidumping investigations.
> WTO dispute settlement.
> Rules on customs valuation.
> Technical barriers to trade.
> Representation in judicial insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings.
> Counseling about companies crisis.
> Drafting, structuring and negotiating civil and commercial contracts, including agent, distribution, trust, licensing, purchasing, leasing, partnership and joint venture contracts.
> Representing local and foreign buyers and sellers in public and private company mergers and acquisitions.
> Representing and participating in complex due diligence processes.
> Planning structuring and implementing partnerships and joint venture contracts.
> Corporate dispute resolution.
> Drafting and negotiationing Shareholders agreements.
> Drafting and negotiationing mergers, adquisitions, restructirings and spin-offs.
> Representation and counsel as regards claims and proceedings.
> Legal councel in proceedings in connection with local antitrust regulations joint ventures, divestitures and other antitrust issues including price fixing investigations, monopolies, and other market restraints.
> General counseling and involvement in administrative proceedings and contracts, government procurement, public works and services.
> Presentation and registration of Technology Transfer in the corresponding authority.
> Legal counseling in family matters, divorces and filiation.
> Planning and counseling in testamentary planning, trusts and estates.
> Legal advice to companies in the advertising, marketing, Internet, movie, media, book publishing and music sectors.
> Counseling in launching of promotional and advertising campaigns.
> Presentations to the National Lotery (Lotería Nacional) and other regulatory authorities.
> Counseling to companies of the pharmaceutical industry, national and international pharmaceutical companies with different kind of medicines, clinical trial companies, ethics program and compliance.
> Drafting of distribution contracts and of pharmacies and healthcare professionals contracts.
> Relationships with the National Administration of Medicine, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT).
> Legal assistance in marketing and sale of medicines and personal data protection.
> Legal advise in every area of individual and collective labor law.
> Drafting and negotiation of employment contracts between major corporations and senior executives.
> Review of employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements and pending litigations.
> Labor related litigation and dispute resolution.
> Organization of local and foreign companies.
> Planning and organization of financial structures.
> Corporate restructuring processes, debt consolidations.
> Mergers and acquisitions.
> Drafting of companies minutes.
> Presentations and registration in the Registry of Commerce.
> Drafting and negotiation of shareholders agreements.
> Comprehensive tax advisory service.
> Advising in domestic and international transactions
> Tax aspects of mergers & acquisitions, foreign investments and international financial transactions.
> Tax litigation before local courts.
> Advising and representation before local courts regarding Customs taxation.
> Strategic counseling.
> Extrajudicial negotiation.
> Preliminary proceedings, injunctions.
> Representation before federal and local courts (including the Supreme Court) on behalf of both Argentine and international clients in civil, commercial, tax and labor litigation.
> Representation before the Consumer Protection Agency and, the Antitrust Commission.
> Recovery of debts.
> Structuring and implementation of investment projects.
> Drafting of construction contracts.
> Drafting and legal advice of trust and securitization.
> Counsels in financing, mortgages and foreclosures.
> Counsels insurance companies on regulations, claims and general corporate and commercial issues.
> Legal advice to reinsurance companies in the negotiation of cut-offs, assistance under claims control clauses, drafting and counsel on policy wording; representing reinsurers; registration of reinsurers.
> Counsels on political risk policies to foreign insurance companies.
> Represents clients before insurers and reinsurers regulator and consumer protection government entities.
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